The 2009 state election cycle is underway.  The Republican Party candidate for delegate from the 99th House District is Catherine Crabill.  Catherine Crabill will face Albert Pollard in the 3 November 2009 state election.







Catherine Crabill
61 The Pony Pasture
Irvington, State: Virginia ZIP: 22480

As a resident of Lancaster County since 1996, my husband and I have found great joy in raising our 4 children on the Northern Neck. My husband is a Custom Cabinet Maker/Fine Woodworker and has always been gainfully employed here until these recent difficult times. Subsequently, he has been working in Northern Virginia during the week, thankful for work he has been able to find there. I earned my Real Estate License in 2001 and have enjoyed good success through these many dynamic years in the business. In these lean times, I have sought out numerous part-time positions as I endeavor to keep my license active and current while waiting for better days. Before I went into real estate I homeschooled our four children and was a full time stay-at-home mother and homemaker. 

My involvement in Northern Neck Politics has been limited to voting in all elections and raising our children to embrace the Christian Conservative values that have made our Nation great. Historically, when my husband and I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, I was honored to participate on the Republican Platform Committee. Besides my involvement in the late eighties, I have had no political aspirations. It was not until this last election cycle and the seemingly, wholesale abandonment of many Republicans who refused to run for reelection, that I determined to take a stand. I was disappointed that the Democrats were not effectively challenged and that our Presidential Nominee did not embrace our core values. Finding his comfort as a moderate failed to inspire many, myself included. 

Since the inauguration of this new administration I have been overwhelmed by the Blitzkrieg of legislation and sweeping “reforms” that are gutting the very essence of our American values and way of life. I am alarmed at Obama’s concept of the Constitution being an “evolving” document. I am alarmed at his Cabinet picks. I am alarmed at the reassurances out of one side of his mouth to be “transparent” & “honest” while out of the other side of his mouth does the exact opposite. I am alarmed at the extremes he embraces including attacking the 2nd Amendment through his Attorney General’s resurrection of a new weapons ban. In addition, I am alarmed by his commitment to overturn all Abortion prohibitions, removing prohibitions to gays in the military, and the wholesale Socialization of our economy. 

What does this have to do with a State Delegate? Primarily, I see a dynamic movement growing of those who recognize the threat of this federally empowered, Socialist, Juggernaut, and are responding to the call to withstand its impact by embracing the Constitutionally defined restraints of the Tenth Amendment. This would not preclude, obviously, becoming familiar with the particular concerns of the 99th District and working to ensure that the Republican standard of protecting those who take risks, produce goods, and create jobs will stand firm.

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