write congressThis is the Official website of the United States Senate. When sending your message you will be asked to:
    1.Select your home state under "Find Your Senators" and click "GO" (top right corner of page). 
    2.Click on "Web form" link under Senator's name. 
    3.Complete contact info section and write your message.


US House Of Representatives

The Official website of the United States House of Representatives.  Here, you can send a message using the web form for your specific Representative.  All you need is your full 9-digit zip code which can be found on your drivers license, junk mail, or a utility bill.  When sending your message you will be asked to:      

   1.  Select your home state and enter your 9-digit zip  
   2.  Complete the steps in the form (contact info., etc.) 
   3.  Write your message.

white house seal


A link to the web form for President Obama.  Simply fill in your contact information and write your message.



write congress       Write to all of your federal and state officials at once!


Go to, enter your zip and select "Federal" under the "Write Your Elected Officials" heading. 

(Unselect the check box of those who you do not want to receive your note.)

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