During the 28th Senate Debates Albert had a few important contradictions.
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Albert went on record saying he would not support a gas tax, however in 2004, he voted YES to HB 146 to impose a 2% motor fuels tax in the Fredericksburg area (Potomac to Rappahannock transportation district).
Albert wanted to de-regulate farming in the Westmoreland debate but his own bill in 2005, HB 2903 regulates the sales of agricultural products by a farmer on his own farm, with a number of restrictions including prior notification to the Department of Agriculture.


2004 HB1403 NO vote on requiring parental consent prior to prescribing the "morning after" pill.
2004 HB1414 NO vote on prohibiting higher education institutions from providing this pill to students.
2005 HB1524 YES vote to striking the definition of the word "fetus" as a member of the species homo sapiens from fertilization to birth.
2005 HB 2347 NO vote to authorizing localities to require a license to operate an abortion clinic.  In other words, localities have no say as to whether or not they have an abortion clinic in their midst.
2004 HB1015 YES vote to allow Family Life Education curriculums to teach certain information to avoid sexual assault and the need to seek medical attention in the event of an assault . This from the man who doesn't want the ten commandments displayed because he doesn't want his daughter to ask him what adultery is!!
2003 HB1499 NO vote to require parental notification when their child receives health services (sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, pregnancy, suicide).


2004 HB 675 NO vote on allowing parents to home school if they have a high school diploma rather than a college degree.
 Govenor's Amendment Voted YES to the governor's amendment requiring the parent to pass a standardized test if they don't have a college degree.


2002 HB161 NO vote to Ten Commandments public display in schools to be discussed for their "transcendent values in historical contexts."


2005 HJR 586 NO vote to marriage amendment
2005 SJR 337 NO vote to marriage amendment
2005 HJR 537 NO vote to amendment guaranteeing the free exercise of prayer in a public place, including schools.


During the 28th Senate Race Albert proposed a database for employers to take the thumbprint of all prospective employees yet he voted NO to SB62, requiring thumbprints on licenses.  (not arguing for thumbprints, just pointing out his flip flop)


2002 HB 637 NO vote authorizing state and federal agencies the authority to share drivers license information to detect illegals. (Before he voted yes)
2004 HB 156 Didn't vote to deny illegals admission to higher education
2005 HB 2910 NO vote to denying illegals admission to higher education
2000 HB 425 NO vote to showing voter identification at the polls (Before he voted yes)
2005 HB 2056 NO vote to only allowing medical benefits to illegals and denying other benefits under Workman's Compensation.


2004 HB 1288 NO vote for unemployment compensation to military spouses.
  Impact to Virginia is around $3 million.  Military bases provide significant revenue for the state.  Families constantly uprooted with spouses often having long periods without income as they transition their families into their new duty station.  BIG impact for those spouses that depend on that income. 

Albert said it was unacceptable that some military families are on food stamps.  When he had the chance to help, he didn't.

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